BJS Supporting 339 villages through 492 machines

1. Marathwada
2. Vidarbha
3. Western Maharashtra

Villages completing 'shramdaan' to be supported by BJS in their mission to become 'drought-free'!

Like every year, this year too, BJS is doing all that it can, to provide succour to the drought-prone regions in the state. Incidentally , the 'Water cup', a contest initiated by Paani Foundation with an aim to make Maharashtra drought-free had received a very heartening response from the villages last year . The contest centred around the spirit of self- development through collective action on the part of participating villagers who were expected to get trained in water management and make their villages self-sufficient through shramdaan. BJS thinks that this initiative has been the first ever, on the principle of Gandhi ji's 'self-sufficiency ' since Independence.

This year marks the entry of 2000 villages into this contest. Looking at the Herculean goal ahead, and the fact that the endeavour in water management and restoration involves tremendous amount of back-breaking efforts , Shramdaan alone will not be sufficient to achieve the end goal of making 2000 villages drought-free. With this in mind, BJS has decided to undertake the project of 'supporting 2000 villages through mechanisation to make them drought-free'. Accordingly , working committees have been appointed in all the districts in order to complete the project within a span of 1 month with the help of 400 Pocklands or 1200 JCBs.